Oasis Tropical | Assaut | Dir-Cut
Greenpeace | Bla Bla
DJ Pone | 1978
Puy du fou | Eternel

Fix Studio is a post-production and VFX studio with a strong expertise and
more than 20 years of experience. Post-Prod department of the Quad Group,
French multimedias production company.

Fix Studio is a high-end post-production house with expertise in feature film,
advertising and digital contents.

Our Studio offers a complete range of services and
creative solutions while accessing a variety of incentives.

Producers, supervisors and artists provides an outstanding know-how including
concept design, pre-viz, shoot supervision, 2D compositing, 3D effects, animation,
motion design and colour grading.

Since its creation Fix helped shape various and numerous projects, with 8 features films
and over 50 commercials per year. Fix has worked on the multiple awards winning movies
«Dans la Brume» and «Puy du fou».